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Microprecision Surface Finishing

Industrial Precision Surface Finishing Products

Indutrial Precision Polishing

Semiconductors -Polishing pads, alumina and CMP abrasives for polishing semiconductor wafers.

Fiber Optics -Lapping films and lubricants for surface finish and curvature.

DVD / CD Repair - Grinding and polishing abrasives for repairing DVD's, CD's and computer game disks.

Precision Optics -Polishing and grinding of precision optics.

Engineering Ceramics - Polishing pads, lapping films and CMP polishing abrasives for advanced engineering ceramic surface finishing.

Metal Corrosion Protection - organic corrosion inhibitors to protect metas from uniform atmospheric corrosion.

Industrial Surface Finishing Consumables

Wafer Polisihng Pads -polishing pads for industrial surface finishing.

Alumina Abrasives - Precision alumina polishing abrasives.

Colloidal Silca Abrasives - CMP polishing abrasives for chemical mechanical polishing.

Diamond Abrasives - Polycrystalline diamond abrasives for precision polishing.

Lapping Fims - diamond, silicon carbide, alumina and cerium oxide lapping films for precision surface finishing operations.
Metal Corrosion Protection - organic corrosion inhibitors for protecting sensitive metals from uniform corrosion due to air and aqueous environments.
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