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NANOFINISH Corporation has focused on surface finishing technology with an emphasis on the data storage and precision industrial surface finishing markets. NANOFINISH Corporation is a technology driven company with a focus on microprecision surface finishing. NANOFINISH Corporation has a global presence, especially in Asia.


For the data storage industry the surface finish requirements for thin film magnetic heads continues to require very precise control of pole roughness, damage free magnetic sensors, pole-tip recession and alumina recession. NANOFINISH Corporation products for the data storage industry include:

  • Polycrystalline diamond (varying friability)
  • Zinc-A10 lapping plates
  • Tin-alloy lapping plates
  • Lapping lubricants (glycol based and environmentally safe)
  • Cleaning agents
  • Lapping plate texturizing abrasives

Friable Diamond. The concept of diamond friability is new to the data storage industry, however very significant difference in surface finish, PTR and alumina recession can be obtained depending upon the friability and especially the control of the diamond friability.

Lapping Plates. Traditionally, a tin-antimony alloy has been the defacto standard for magnetic head lapping because it has been used for centuries as a lapping base material due to its ability to accept a diamond particle during the charging process. The drawback is that tin-antimony lapping plates continually change and charge differently resulting in large performance variations. Based on microstructural characteristization, engineered lapping plates such as TAC3000 or zinc-A10 alloys produce a much more controlled and consistent lapping performance for the data storage industry.

Lapping Lubricants. NANOFINISH Corporation has been a supplier of traditional ethylene glycol lapping lubricants to the data storage industry for a number of years. In 2004, NANOFINISH Corporation developed a new lapping plate cleaning lubricant which improved cut rates by 3-5 X, increased lapping plate life by 10-50X and reduced PTR sigma over the life of the lapping plate.

Texturizing Abrasives. A key to producing consistent lapping results is in texturizing the lapping plate with a water soluble abrasive. Following the texturzing operation, the lapping plate is washed and any texturizing abrasive is dissolved. The result is less smearing across the sensors and a better overall lapping performance.

Corrosion Inhibitors. As the metal types and number of GMR layers continues to increase and decrease in thickness, corrosion of these metals is becoming more of a concern. With the use of organic inhibitors, NANOFINISH Corporation has become the data storage leader in magnetic head corrosion protection.


NANOFINISH Corporation also provides polishing solutions to the semiconductor, precision optics, engineering ceramics, DVD repair, and fiber optics markets. With its expertise in surface finshing NANOFINISH also sells corrosion inhibitors for protecting many surfaces from corrosion..

NANOFINISH Corporation also offers technical solutions for surface finishing control and protection. See us at our Web Page (

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