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Metallographic Testing Products

Metallographic Testing Products


NANOFINISH Corporation manufacturers and formulates a number of specialized products for the metallograhic testing markets. Our main distribution channel is through distributors, however we do offer these specialized products in bulk for wholesale.

Metallography or microsctrual analysis is the study of a materials microstrucuture. By analyzing the microstructure of materials the properties and thus the performance and reliablity of these materials can be improved. In order to study the microstructure, a sample needs to be taken from the specimen, often using the following steps:

Sectioning or cutting can be used to reduce the size of the specimen and/or to focus on a specific location on the sample.

Mounting is often used to hold the specimen or to protect its edges.

Grinding and polishing is then used to remove the damaged produced during sectioning and sometimes mounting.

Etching after the specimen damage is removed is used to reveal the structure of the material.

Examination is often done with a metallographic microscope. Other tests may include testing the materials hardness.

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