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Data Storage Heads and Media Surface Finishing

Polishing Pads -polishing pads for magnetc head wafer polishing, nickel plated media hard drive disks and glass disks.

  • BlackChem 2 polishing pads
  • Urethane polishing pads

Read-Write Head Lapping Plates - Lapping plates for read-wirte hard drive and tape head lapping.

  • Tin lapping plates
  • Bismuth-tin lapping plates
  • Zinc lapping plate

Lapping Plate Preparation - texturizing abrasives, truing films, and charging pads.

  • Plate mounting adhesive
  • Bicarbonate blasting media
  • LAPTEX water soluble blasting media
  • Alumina films
  • Boron carbide charging tools
Diamond Abrasives for wafer and magnetic head lapping.
  • Friable Diamond slurries

Lapping Lubricants - oil and water based lapping lubricants for increased lapping plate life, more consistent PTR and surface finish and increase lapping plate life.

  • DIALUBE L7000
  • DIALUBE L7500
  • DIALUBE 3000
  • DIALUBE OL-7000

Corrosion Inhibitors -for addition into lapping lubricants, IPA rinse solutions and cleaning solutions.

  • PCC-5500 PG lapping lube additive
  • PCC-7500 IPA additive
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